Edge Pro

Diamond Metallic Bonded Sharpening Stone


Monolithic diamond sharpening stones for Edge Pro, Hapstone, TSPROF, and other guided sharpening systems. Solid, continuous and totally flat diamond-bearing layer. Metallic M2-01 bond.

Concentration of diamonds: 100%-150%.

Grades of diamond powder: from ACH to AC65.

These diamond stones hold the best price/performance ratio.

Unparalleled quality and performance are achieved by using a high diamond concentration, together with extremely wear resistant binder that holds the diamond grain very firmly.

Durability is achieved by using diamond powders of the highest strength ( AC15-AC65 for the coarse stones and ACN grade for the finer stones). Metallic diamond stones do not need to be soaked in water.

Our diamond bars will serve you for decades.

The following grains are available: 3/2; 5/3; 7/5; 10/7; 14/10; 20/14; 28/20; 40/28; 50/40; 63/50; 80/63; 100/80; 125/100; 160/125; 200/160; 250/200; 315/250; 400/315 and 500/400 microns.

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