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CBN Resin Bonded Sharpening Stone

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CBN (cubic boron nitride) sharpening stones. Continuous working layer with a BN-130 phenol-formaldehyde bond. The concentration of the powder in the stone is 100%.

CBN stones are made from cubic boron nitride. Cubic boron nitride has a high hardness and resistance to high temperatures.

When comparing CBN to a diamond it can be seen that the CBN particles in the stone work softer, faster and do not make so many random deep scratches on the cutting edge. This is due to the structure of the CBN crystal. It has the form of an octahedron - the number of cutting edges is greater with less acute angles. The diamond crystal has the form of a tetrahedron. A smaller number of cutting edges and more acute corners of the crystal leads to a more aggressive steel removal.

Resin bonded CBN stones work softer than metallic bonded ones. You can achieve a mirror polished edge. Very low wear.

The following grains are available: 2/1; 3/2; 5/3; 7/5; 10/7; 14/10; 20/14; 28/20; 40/28; 50/40; 63/50; 80/63; 100/80; 125/100; 160/125 and 200/160 microns.

Size: 150x25x5mm (thickness of the CBN layer- 2mm). Fits Edge Pro, Hapstone, TSPROF and others.

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